Muhammad Ery Wijaya, Ph.D.


Muhammad Ery Wijaya is a Senior Analyst in Climate Policy Initiative (CPI) Indonesia Office where he manages rigorous qualitative and quantitative analysis and evaluation of Indonesian climate, energy, and land sector policies with a particular focus on finance. He is now also an Assistant Professor at the School of Government and Public Policy-Indonesia (SGPP), the first implementation-based public policy school in Indonesia. Prior to joining CPI, Ery worked for eight years on the integration of the Indonesian energy and environment sectors, serving as an academician and a consultant. He worked at World Resources Institute (WRI) as a Climate Policy Consultant gathering intelligence, and identifying analytical and influence opportunities in Indonesia, specifically to address needs related to the formulation of Indonesia’s post-2020 greenhouse gas mitigation pledges and targets to feed into the UNFCCC negotiations. He also worked for United Nations Industrial Organization (UNSECO) as

  • Professional Activities

    Senior Analyst in Climate Policy Initiative (CPI) Indonesia Office

  • Areas of Expertise

    Energy Science (Energy Economics)

Current Publications

Rakhmadi, R. Haesra, A. & Wijaya, M.E. (2018). Energizing renewables in Indonesia: Optimizing public finance levers to drive private investment, Climate Policy Initiative.



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