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Why SGPP-Indonesia

Good quality policymaking and governance are increasingly crucial factors in the search for sustainable growth and equitable development. At the same time, the conditions for public policy to produce the desired results have changed dramatically.

Contemporary policy challenges go well beyond the traditional limits of the public sector and the confines of the nation-state. They range over a wide-spectrum of religious, ethnic, historical, economic, and political variables involving an ever-larger number of stakeholders and constituents in the local, national, regional, and international domains.

This situation calls for a new brand of policymakers and leaders, drawn from all sectors of society and trained to look at the issues from an interdisciplinary and international perspective.

At School of Government and Public Policy-Indonesia, leaders and aspiring policymakers learn to:

  • Understand and manage

    the social, political, and economic dynamics unfolding in the implementation of policies.
  • Go beyond technocracy and listen

    to what the stakeholders in a policy field have to tell the policymaker.
  • Become a pragmatic policymaker

    while continually reflecting on—and adjusting—their own practice in the light of their experience in their ongoing activities.