Sri Mastuti


SRI MASTUTI joined as lecturer at School of Government and Public Policy Indonesia since 2016. She holds a Doctor in Public Administration from University of Indonesia. She also works as a Consultant for several projects for CowaterSogema International since 2004 up to now. Before working as a consultant, Sri was an Non-Government Organization (NGO) activist, such as working at the Centre for Regional Development Study (PSPK), Indonesia Forum for Budget Transparency (FITRA) , and Civic Education and Budget Advocacy (CiBa).

  • Professional Activities

    Senior Expert for Project/Research on Governance, Gender Equality & Social Inclusion, & Project Evaluation

  • Areas of Expertise

    Public Administration

Current Publications

Mastuti, S. Haruna, N., & Arsyad, M.I. (2017, April-June). A better use for smartphones in Makassar. Strategic Review Indonesia Journal of Leadership, Policy and World Affairs, 7(2).


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